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PTP Presents The 4th Annual
The Kumite 2016 - June 4, 2016

The Kumite is Prime Time Polynesian's all positions 
college showcase camp.  The Kumite welcomes D1, D2 and D3 Coaches nationwide.  Coaches will instruct position specific techniques and give tips for success both on the field and in the academic arena.  The Kumite is one of Prime Time Polynesian's most talked about camps due to the caliber of  student athletes that have participated in the past and present.  Student athletes nationwide compete for the attention of these preeminent college football coaches as they join forces with our Prime Time Polynesian coaches to prepare the student athletes for the next level.

Open to all upcoming 10th, 11th and 12th grade student athletes.  Limited only by number.

Benefits of prepaying early - student athlete's name 
placed on roster circulated to university coaches, guaranteed spot and camp shirt.  

Training shirts and space not guaranteed when
 registering/paying at The Kumite on June 4, 2016.

This year "The Kumite 2016" will be located at Norco High School on June 4, 2016 from 3 PM - 7 PM.

Colleges Attending The Kumite 2016

University Of California Los Angeles

San Diego State Univeristy

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

University Of Utah

Dixie State University

University Of Oregon

Oregon State University

University Of Montana

University Of Nevada

University Of Hawaii

Vanderbilt University

Univeristy of Southern California

Fresno State University

Sacramento State University

Brigham Young University

University of Arizona

University Of Washington

Montana State University

University Of Michigan

Boise State University

Weber State University

University of California Berkeley

Sacramento State University

Azusa Pacific University

Southern Utah University

Arizona State University

Washington State University

University of Nevada 

Las Vegas

Boston College

Nebraska University

Colorado University




Opening Day January 16, 2016

Prime Time Polynesian football clinic coaches all positions and is a medium contact training.  Due to the nature of the training, we highly recommend drinking lots of water the day before. This will keep student athletes from experiencing muscle spasms and headaches during the clinic.  Ensure your student athletes eat a light or nutritious breakfast/lunch prior to attending clinic and bring lots of water.

Plan on 2 to 2 1/2 hours of training. We will utilize the weight room for strength and conditioning, so bring 1 pair of sneakers to participate during this session with your football cleats.

Student athletes must register to participate.  Prepay your student athletes fee online to avoid long wait times at the clinic.  We offer the prepay 4 training sessions get 1 free promotion online.  For more information about the Prepay 4 get 1 free promo click Prime Time Store from the top menu or click the Prepay button below. 


Our Training Clinics

Training clinics brought to you by Prime Time Polynesian powered by Nemesis Elite Training.

Training schedule to start weekly in January of 2016.  Training sessions planned for both high school (ages 12-18) and youth (ages 7-11) for all positions.  Dates and locations to be announced.

High school ages 12-18

Youth ages 7-11


The Take Over
All Positions Football Training Camp
July 18, 2015

PTP's "All Position" football training camp to be held on Saturday June 18, 2015 at Morse High School - 6905 Skyline Drive, San Diego, CA 92114.  Session 1 starts at 9 AM for ages 7-11.  Session 2 starts at 12 PM for ages 12-18.  $30 online and $40 walk up fee.  All are welcome. 

High Desert Assault
All Positions Football Camp
July 11, 2015

PTP's "All Position" football training camp to be held Saturday July 11, 2015 at Silverado High School - 14048 Cobalt Rd.  Victoville, CA 92392.  Session 1 starts at  10 AM for ages 7-11.  Session 2 starts at 5 PM for ages 12-18.  $30 online and $40 walk up fee.  All are welcome. 


The Kumite 2015 - Thanks Everyone!

Thanks to all our student athletes and their families that have traveled from all over the west coast to participate with the "The Kumite."  

We appreciate the college coaches, media and return PTP alumnus for their efforts to help our student athletes excel to the next level.

If you missed this year's "The Kumite," there's always next year.  

Good luck student athletes during your 2015 football season.

Here's a summary of "The Kumite 2015" brought to you by Pep Fernandez of Inland Sports.


The Kumite 2015 All Positions College Show Case
Sunday - June 7, 2015 

Mark your calendars!  Sunday - June 7, 2015 from 9 AM - 12 PM "The Kumite"  will be held at Diamond Ranch High School in Pomona, CA. 

What's new this year?  An "All Positions" Kumite! The best of the best in all positions training side by side for center stage to demonstrate their talents and skills for the coaches.  

Expect to audition in front of the D1 coaches using the Nemesis Elite's rigorous, fast pace, high intensity workout routine.  

We have an awesome line up of coaches from the PAC 12 and the Mountain West available to teach techniques and emphasize the importance of academic excellence and its relationship to football.  

Confirmed coaches from the following schools will be present during this year's Kumite University of Southern California, University of Washington, Oregon State University, University of Oregon, Boise State University, University of California Los Angeles, Utah University, University of Arizona, Arizona State University, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, University of Las Vegas, University of Montana and more still to confirm.  Join us to learn the newest and latest information on how to develop the techniques specific to your position.

"The Kumite" will definitely be the place to be for all 10th, 11th and 12th grade student athletes!  All welcome limited by number.

100 Diamond Ranch Rd. Pomona CA

Under The Radar Highlights February 28, 2015 Training Clinic

Regardless of the bad weather on Saturday the training must go on.  We appreciate Under The Radar for enduring the bleak weather and making time to highlight the student athletes of Prime Time Polynesian.   Under The Radar Sports Media is a National leader in sports recruiting and highlight video production.  If you are interested in their work or would like to know more information about them please visit their page  

Also in attendance was Danny Shelton nose tackle from the University of Washington.  Mr. Shelton is predicted to be pick #19 during the 1st round at the 2015 NFL Draft.  Student athletes were receptive and welcomed tips and techniques Mr. Shelton taught during our clinic.  At the end of the clinic Mr. Shelton  offered recommendations and encouragements to help student athletes become better players.   Prime Time Polynesian give thanks to Mr. Shelton for making time to be with our student athletes Saturday.   Best of luck to you and your future endeavors!

Skills Training Now Part Of PTP's Weekly Training 
Starting January 25, 2015

Prime Time Polynesian offers 2 skill clinics in concurrence with the lineman clinics at Diamond Ranch High School football stadium.  Please use the ramp to access the football stadium  at the top of the south east parking lot.

Session 1 

12-18 years old 

9 AM - 11 AM

Session 2

7-11 years old

12:15 PM - 1:45 PM


Weekly Training At New Location - 
Diamond Ranch High School 
Starting January 17, 2015

Beginning January 24, 2015 Prime Time Polynesian will hold the All Positions training clinics at Diamond Ranch High School.

Corona High School, has graciously tried to schedule us at their stadium on a continual basis, unfortunately track and field, city usage and carnival events require use of the stadium the same time PTP is scheduled.

We value our student athletes and demand the best fields and facilities.  We believe Diamond Ranch High School is better suited to facilitate our training program, safety and facility usage. 

PTP would like to thank Norco-Corona Unified School District, Corona High School, Coach Steve Hill and Corona High School administration for supporting PTP the past 3 years.

The scheduled time and sessions will remain the same; the integrity and continuity of the training will remain intact.  Join us at Diamond Ranch High School and train with the best student athletes from all over Southern California.

100 Diamond Ranch Road, Pomona, CA 91766

Coach Thomas Fleming 
January 20, 2015

Prime Time Polynesian: Stand Up!

Posted by: Thomas Fleming in California 7 days ago 0 398 Views

If you think football season is ending, your wrong. You are wrong on so many levels you could not begin to comprehend. With college bowl games completed and the NFL season coming to an end in 3 weeks, you would think football season is over, right? Well for some in Southern California its just beginning again. The off-season is here and its time to put in the work now that will pay off in the fall.

Their motto is “Train with the Best” and after seeing the way they run their clinic this past Saturday, Prime Time Polynesian (PTP) tells no lie. I could literally smell football in the air. I could smell the California sun, fresh cut grass, and even a little sweat, all to the back drop of speakers playing every song you can think of that would definitely be on your ipod playlist for a serious workout. The best part about it was, this particular session was the second of the day for the youth ages 6-11. Under the direction of Coach Pen Talamaivao and his host of coaches and staff, over the past five years Prime Time Polynesian has grown to be tops in Inland Empire and Southern California for all position training clinics.

They go at it every Saturday at Corona High School in California. Having two sessions, one for ages 12-18 and another for ages 6-11. The same skills and level of intensity goes for both sessions. Kids receive great coaching on all positions skills, on the field and in the weight room. This was truly unlike anything I have seen especially in January. The growth of the clinics are a testament to the product that has been put forward and the dedicated staff that commits the time to help kids get better and get results. Youth from all over are coming to these clinics to be coached-up from Los Angeles to San Diego.

My time at PTP on Saturday was well spent. I saw many kids with great technique and passion for the game at a very young age. PTP is truly a place you take you kids to get better. The atmosphere was live and energetic. As parents set along the sidelines of the field looking on,  they all had a look of appreciation and joy watching their child compete, have fun and end the days’ clinic with a  dance-off (my favorite part).

I enjoyed my time visiting with Prime Time Polynesian. They will continue with sessions every Saturday for the next five months. Prime Time has a warm family friendly atmosphere and welcome all to come train with them.  If you truly desire hard work, passion, coaching and results this is one of the best places to be. I would like to thank Coach Pen Talamaivao, for allowing me to speak with him and view his clinic. “Mana”- Unconditional love and strength. Polynesian oath of love to all, going beyond one’s self. Putting others before self to serve the family and the village. “Giving what you have and asking for nothing back!” (PTP mission statement quote)

Click here to read more:


Opening Day Huge Success!
January 12, 2015 

Thank you to everyone that participated during opening day.  PTP prepared for a good attendance of 100 plus student athletes - the pattern for the past 2 years.  However, the clinic attendance reflected our camp crowd for "The Kumite," "High Desert Assault" and " Rumble Under The Lights."  200 student athletes joined us January 10, 2015 to kick off the new year!

Your student athletes were put to work.  They learned skills and techniques specific to their positions.  The organization and speed to move such a squad will impress any field general in the military.  PTP will run for 5 months non-stop.  Come grind with us for the next 5 months and become the complete package for football season 2015.


PTP Coaches talk about "Opening Day" on "The Inland Sports Blitz"
January 6, 2015 

Hanging out with my Prime Time Polynesian crew on the Inland_Sports Blitz, LIVE from Adrenaline Athletic Training. We talked with Viane TalamaivaoCoachPen Talamaivao, Chris Talamaivao about everything from USC and Oregon to Cameron Hunt and Cody Kessler.  Look for more on PTP this Saturday on Fox Sports Radio 1350. First clinic is January 10, 2015 Saturday at Corona HS at 9 am.

January 10, 2015
Corona High School
Off Season Conditioning Opening Day
December 15, 2014

Prime Time Prime Time Polynesian is thrilled to announce an "All Positions" football training clinic.  Yes, you read that right folks!  PTP is offering an "All Positions" football training clinic every Saturday.  Both lineman and skills clinic for ages 7-18.

PTP football training is a medium contact football clinic.  Due to the nature of the training,  we highly recommend drinking lots of water the day before. This will keep student athletes from experiencing muscle spasms and headaches during clinic. Ensure student athletes eat a light and nutritious breakfast/lunch prior to attending clinic.

We will utilize the weight room for strength and conditioning.  Sneakers will be necessary to participate during this session.


High Desert Assault 
July 26, 2014 at Oak Hills High School
June 28, 2014

The "High Dessert Assault" football camp is an excellent camp to participate due to it's "All Positions" training status.

Join us Saturday at Oak Hills H.S. and learn technique, improve skills followed with intense, rigorous workouts that is sure to give your student athlete  that competitive edge.

2 sessions.  Open to all.

Session 1                                                            Session 2 

"Youth"  Ages 6 - 11                                           Ages 12 - 18

Registration and check-in                                  Registration and check-in

8 AM - 10 AM                                                      3 PM - 5 PM

Camps starts at 10 AM                                      Camp starts at 5 PM

Fee $40 at the door.  $30 online.                      Fee $40 at the door.  $30 online.


Rumble Under The Lights
July 19, 2014 at La Mirada High School
June 25, 2014

You asked for it, and we listened! Back by popular demand PTP presents "Rumble Under The Lights" a lineman camp hosted at La Mirada High School.  

PTP specializes with position specific training for O-Line, D-Line, Running Backs and Tight Ends.  


PTP Ends With A Bang
Rivals Review The 2014 Finale
June 21, 2014

Prime Time Polynesian Linemen Camp Report

Brian Goad

June 21, 2014

Having attended so many camps over the years, you expect the same o' same o'. Boy was I surprised! Prime Time Polynesian is the ultimate offensive line and defensive line camp. I arrived at 9:00 a.m. and who did I see? - San Diego Charger linebacker Manti Te'o leaving after working out with Coach Pen.

Last Saturday was the final day of the PTP clinic that began in January. The great thing from all present was their progression from January till today. It was celebrated with hamburgers and hot-dogs in the end provided by the PTP Family.

If you have not attended a PTP training session you are missing out. The atmosphere is high energy, hard work, and respect of one's peers and coaches alike.

You do not have to be Polynesian to attend this camp. What you do have to be is a hard worker that respects the player in front of him and embraces him as family no matter the outcome!

This is the only way each individual can reach his full potential! The coaches do an outstanding job of matching up each player with the appropriate player. This guarantees the progression to keep advancing for each player.

Up-and-coming athletes were all around. I will name a few per their school:

Corona Centennial - Isaac Flores, Noah Anthony, and Siu Anderson (all Sophomores)
Upland - Sianie Malere, Sophomore
St. John Bosco - Tavita Moe, Sophomore.
Kearny, San Diego - Saia Saihsao, Junior.
Santiago - Brandon Lang.

The PTP alumni showed up today and cooked and helped with the camp - Viane Talamaivao, USC;Christian Garcia, UCLA; Cameron Hunt, Oregon; and Kammy Delp, Oregon State.

Per my conversation with the coaches today, PTP will be running some camps in July. The following locations were mentioned: La Mirada, High Desert, San Diego, & Los Angeles. Check the website for a time and location near you. That's

To read more click here.

USC Offer Resulted From
 "The Kumite 2014" 
For Clayton Johnson
June 21, 2014

Football: Servite's Clayton Johnston picks up USC offer


June 21, 2014 5:00 PM  

One of the fastest rising college prospects in Southern California is Servite offensive lineman Clayton Johnston, who picked up an offer from USC on Saturday after attending a camp, Coach A.J. Gass said.

I remember being at Servite when he was a freshman and then Coach Troy Thomas predicted big things for Johnston, who has grown to 6 feet 6, 280 pounds.

To read more click here

Coach Chris Talks About 
"The Kumite" 2014 
With The Press Enterprise 
Hosted By 
Pep Fernandez
June 4, 2014

FOOTBALL: USC head coach Steve Sarkisian to attend Prime Time Polynesian’s “Kumite”

JUNE 4, 2014

Prime Time Polynesian founding father Chris Talamaivao joined Pep Fernandez on The Blitz from Adrenaline Athletic Training in Corona to talk about the second annual Kumite on Sunday June 8 at Corona High School. Talamaivao, the father of USC offensive lineman Viane Talamaivao, says that Trojans head coach Steve Sarkisian is scheduled to attend the Kumite. Sarkisian will not be alone at The Kumite, Talamaivao said a number of Pac-12 schools have confirmed they will be attending as well.

The Kumite is billed as the top lineman showcase in the nation and last year featured the likes of Ainuu Taua (UCLA), Kammy Delp (Oregon State), Austin Maloata (Oregon), and Damien Mama (USC).

To read original article click here

More Colleges To Attend 
"The Kumite" 2014
May 15, 2014

"The Kumite" Lineman Showcase is designed to improve student athletes overall performance and skills through Prime Time Polynesian's Nemesis Elite II training program.  Open to all incoming high school Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors this Fall 2014.  Limited to 200 participants.  Guarantee your spot today!

Returning 2014 PTP trainees please proceed to the Prime Time Store (from the main menu) and pay your fee to participate.

New to PTP please pre-register and pre-pay online.

PTP is enthusiastic to have coaches from USC, San Jose State, Oregon State, Oregon, Colorado, Washington and Utah University join us this year!

2nd Annual "The Kumite" 
April 22, 2014

"The Kumite" Lineman Showcase is designed to improve student athletes overall performance and skills through Prime Time Polynesian's Nemesis Elite II training program.

"The Kumite" is a showcase for lineman (OL, DL, TE, LB) camp designed to improve overall skills through training and drills specific to the various lineman positions.  Participants will have the opportunity to be coached by coaches from various conferences such as the PAC 12, Mountain West and SEC.  Media lineup includes ESPN,, Rivals, 24/7 and PE Enterprise.

Sunday June 8, 2014 at Corona H.S. football stadium.  Open to all incoming high school Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors this Fall 2014.  Limited to 200 participants.  Medium contact.  T-Shirt provided.   

Guarantee your spot today!

2014 Returning PTP trainees please proceed to the Prime Time Store (from the main menu) and pay your fee to participate.

New to PTP please pre-register and pre-pay online.

PTP Extends Schedule to June 14

La Mirada Hosts 
PTP Skills Clinic
Starts Sunday, March 23, 2014

What Else Is New For 2014?  
Clinic for Youth Ages 7-11

PTP will hold a second session on Saturdays for youth.   The youth clinics will help develop  body control, movements, aggressive punch and strikes.  We will also teach technique such as lockout, kick slide and post movements, power of manipulation and attacks.  

Student athletes ages 7-11 from 11:30 AM - 1 PM at Corona High School on the football field.  Fee $40.  

Please remember to drink plenty of water the day before the clinic, bring plenty of water to drink, bring 1 pair of sneakers and 1 pair of cleats.  

2014 Off Season Conditioning Opens February 1, 2014

PTP Alumni Cameron Hunt First To Play As True Freshmen For Oregon In 20 Years
October 10, 2013

Freshmen Tyner, Hunt Help Fuel Run Game

By Rob Moseley



Release: 10/20/2013

 Two mainstays of the Oregon offense, junior running back De’Anthony Thomas and junior right tackle Jake Fisher, watched Saturday’s game against Washington State from the sideline. They were in uniform, but their helmets were safely stowed away for much of the evening, lest they have the impulse to enter the game against team orders.

Thomas and Fisher are two of the biggest reasons for the Ducks’ success in the run game the last three years. They were spelled Saturday in part by two true freshmen. And you hardly could have noticed a difference, during Oregon's 62-38 victory.

At right tackle, Cameron Hunt started the game, and rotated with Everett Benyard. Hunt is believed to be the first true freshman starter on the UO offensive line since Lee Gundy in 1997.

And in the backfield, Thomas Tyner nearly enjoyed his first career 100-yard game, getting to 101 yards and two touchdowns on six carries, before losing two yards on his seventh and final carry of the night.

“With De’Anthony being out and me having to step up, it’s a huge opportunity,” Tyner said after the fourth straight game in which Thomas didn’t take an offensive snap, due to an ankle injury. “Not a lot of freshmen get a chance like this.”

Sophomore Byron Marshall continued to get the bulk of the work in Thomas’ place, and he had a career night Saturday. Marshall ran 21 times for 192 yards and three touchdowns.

Perhaps the most revealing stat was a zero – the number of yards lost by Marshall on Saturday. Given the wealth of experience he’s gained the last four weeks, the hesitancy of a younger runner is all but gone.

“I’m just having fun,” Marshall said. “Finally putting my head down, letting loose and having fun.”

Thomas said after the game he was “just being on the safe side, that’s all.” He predicted he’ll return to action next week against UCLA.

In the meantime, Thomas said, “I feel like our guys can handle it.”

Can they ever. In four games since Thomas’ injury, the duo of Marshall and Tyner has averaged 31 carries for 207 yards, with 11 total touchdowns.

“You can’t put into words how important it is for the guys to get playing time, and in a situation where it’s important,” running backs coach Gary Campbell said. “They’re beginning to realize how good they can be.”

Indeed, the lessons provided by the last month’s playing time are both encouraging and revealing. They’ve taught Tyner he can excel at this level, but also showed him areas where he can improve, such as balance; in a couple instances Saturday, he lost his footing with minimal contact from the defense.

Those and other elements will continue to be a focus for Tyner in practice.

“If I keep working on those, it’ll add up to where I want to be,” he said.

Film review will be revealing in Hunt’s case. Offensive coordinator Scott Frost mostly withheld judgment on the freshman’s starting debut on the offensive line until watching film, figuring there will be some moments to applaud, and others to clean up.

Hunt said he found out in warmups Saturday he’d be starting in place of Fisher. Oregon’s veterans said the freshman performed well overall.

Frost may have needed to watch film to grade Hunt’s performance, but he had enough confidence to call plays that put the freshman in the spotlight against the Cougars.  Marshall’s first-quarter touchdown was opened up by blocks from Hunt and Mana Greig, and Tyner ran behind Hunt on another one-yard score, in the second quarter.

“If you mess up, that’s your butt on the line,” Hunt said. “But our game plan was to pound the rock, and it worked out well.”

It did, despite the absence of two stalwarts on offense for Oregon, and with two true freshmen playing big roles in their absence.

To read more click here.


Kudos Coach Pen, 
-for not giving up on your vision.  Thank you to the PTP Coaches for supporting and breathing life into the vision! Story brought to you from
July 22, 2013

Prime Time Polynesian Pumps Out Top Players

By Brian Swinney

July 22, 2013

3:51 PM

Southern California based Prime Time Polynesian Camps are blowing up out West and are run by a former Utah player

Schools are always looking for a leg up in recruiting, and camps are a great way for coaching staffs to develop relationships with players and camp coordinators that are often influential in a recruit's decision. One of the fastest rising camps in the country is Prime Time Polynesian, being run for by former Utah player Pene Talamaivao, to fill a need on the camp circuit.

"We started PTP two years ago, covering skills for offensive and defensive linemen, linebackers and tight ends. We cater camps to them, since they're often neglected."

Currently based out of Corona, California, one of the hotbeds for Southern California recruits, Prime Time Polynesian has turned into the top camp for turning out linemen in the West recently.

"So far we've produced 16 MVPs with guys like JoJo Mathis, Christian Garcia, Viane Talamaivao, Damien Mama, Austin Maloata, Cameron Hunt, Ainuu Taua, and Kammy Delp."

The training program that Talamaivao developed years ago while out in the Beehive State, is the one he uses today and has produced tremendous results.

"Using the Nemesis Elite program that I wrote in Utah, I was training University of Utah football athletes to test run my program. It was hit with guys like Kepa Gaison, Kenape Eliapo, Aiona Key, Matt Martinez, and Sealver Siliga to name a few who did the program, so I took it to Mt. SAC JC and they use the program in 2007, winning national titles with it."

The workout developed by Talamaivao has become a must for any west coast recruit.

"Prime Time Polynesian uses the Nemesis Workout. PTP became one of the fastest and high energy camps for the big guys in Southern California. We are producing a large class of lineman throughout So Cal and will be hitting skill players in 2014. We are headed in the right direction and hopefully we can get all our kids to college."

Having returned to their roots in 2013 with a Utah camp in June, PTP will be headed back this way next year, and is continuing to expand all over the west coast.

"Developing and training is the core of our system and we look to expand beyond California. We did Utah in June, but are also looking to hit the Bay Area and Las Vegas."

The long term goal is for Prime Time Polynesian is to host and train the top players not only out west, but across the country.

"We want the best of the best developed and trained by us, and are in talks with several division 1 schools wanting to take full advantage of our camps."

To read more click here.

Youth Football Camp 2013

 Ages 7-11 are welcome to join us July 20, 2013 from 9 AM to 12 PM at Etiwanda High School. Help your student athlete develop body control, understand how power of manipulation works and get that competitive edge over your opponents.  Please drink lots of water the day before, bring 1 pair of sneakers, 1 pair of cleats and plenty of water to drink during the camp.  Fee $30 camp shirt provided.

"The Kumite" 2013 
Lineman College Show Case
June 22, 2013

Open to all participants.  Limited only to number and age.  Join us June 22, 2013 at Corona High School.

Washington University will be present.  Come train with us as we showcase Southern California's best linemen.

Are You The Master Kumite?


Kammy Delp
Diamond Ranch High School 
2013 Oakland NFTC MVP O-Line
 Headed To "The Opening"
May 24, 2013

The Nike Football Training Camp held in the Bay Area of San Francisco and Oakland has traditionally been loaded with talent and the 2013 edition was no exception.

Held at Laney College in Oakland, Sunday’s NFTC saw 350 top high school prospects from 16 states and Canada work out and this year’s version was as strong as expected going into the camp.

The Oakland NFTC was the 11th of the 13 on the 2013 tour with Columbus, Ohio and Eugene, Ore. remaining.

Oakland NFTC All-Camp Team 

Updated: May 24, 2013

OL: Kammy Delp, 6-2 ½, 288, Diamond Ranch (Pomona, Calif.)
Results: 5.64 40, 5.03 SH, 42.5′ PB, 23″ VJ, 81.42 SPARQ
Breakdown: The Oakland NFTC OL MVP has exactly what you’re looking for in a guard, good strength and knee bend, quick feet, and a nasty attitude. A two-way player for Diamond Ranch, Delp plays guard with a defensive linemen’s mentality, but impressed the NFTC Coaches with his ability to stay patient. Has been a bit of a late-bloomer recruiting wise, with offers pouring in recently from around the Pac-12. While some of his offers have come as a 3-technique, Delp’s NFTC performance seemed to cement his future on the offensive line, and also earned him an invite to The Opening.

To read original article click here


Prime Time Store Open 24 Hours A Day 7 Days A Week 365 Days A Year

Prime Time Store is open for business!  Prepay  your Saturday/Sunday Clinic Sessions and avoid long lines.   Prepay your Prime Time Polynesian Lineman Football Camps or Tournaments.  Purchase a T-shirt and more online by clicking Prime Time Store at the top of our main menu and make your check in process that much easier! 


Ainuu Taua, Damien Mama, Viane Talamaivao received invites To "The Opening 2013" In Beaverton, Oregon!
March 13, 2013

Five more get invites to The Opening

Updated: March 12, 2013

The top 150 prospects in the nation, who are evaluated by Student Sports staff at Nike Football Training Camps and/or Nike Football SPARQ Combines, are invited for the four day event that will take place this July.

*Damien Mama
Bellflower (Calif.) St. John Bosco
6-4, 352 OL
The Nike Camp OL MVP, Mama is considered one of the top line prospects in the nation and has offers from major powers such as Alabama, Notre Dame, Nebraska and, just in the last 48 hours, USC and UCLA.

* Viane Talamaivao
Corona (Calif.) Centennial
6-2, 316 OL
Despite fracturing his foot last October and missing the rest of his junior season, Talamaivao is known nationally as one of the top line prospects in the West. His offer list is highlighted by Alabama and Ole Miss out of state and Arizona, BYU, Colorado, UCLA, Utah, Washington and Washington State in the West.

Says Huber, “I try to catch tape on all of these guys before the camp, and Viane is just an absolute war daddy on tape.  He’s got unbelievably quick feet and you could see that throughout all of the SPARQ training.  When he gets into one on ones, his punch is almost unfair.  If the defensive linemen gets within striking range, the rep is over.  In one-on-ones he got out there first, won all four reps and was probably the most impressive in terms of just stopping the defensive linemen in their tracks.”

* Ainuu Taua
Lompoc, Calif.
6-0, 295 DL
Taua, who was the Nike Camp DL MVP, led the Braves to a 12-1 mark last season as he recorded seven sacks and plugged the middle.  A Jr. All-State selection, he has offers from Arizona, Cal, UCLA, Utah, Washington, Vanderbilt and Ole Miss.

“Taua probably could have come in and bull rushed his way to the MVP Award, he’s that powerful,” adds Huber.  “Instead, he worked hard with Chuck Wiley and Kennard to develop his pass rush moves and was untouchable when it came time for one-on-ones.  He’ll have a chance to work on those moves even more at The Opening.”

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PTP's Damien Mama Of 
St. John Bosco H.S. 
2013 NFTC Underclassman MVP
March 10, 2013


March 10, 2013

By Sean Ceglinsky

At 6-5 and 340 pounds, Damien Mama is all too familiar with how it feels to stick out in crowd. It was different story at the Los Angeles NFTC, however. The junior offensive lineman from Bellflower (CA) St. John Bosco was the center of attention for the right reasons this time.

One of the country's more promising prospects, Mama looked the part. And played the part. The end result was an MVP award at his position despite competition from Viane Talamaivao of Corona (CA) Centennial and USC commit Toa Lobendahn of Lakewood (CA) Artesia.

“I came here to compete, to ball-out and look for dudes to ball-out against me,'' said Mama, the nation's No. 13 player at offensive guard in the 247Sports Composite Rankings.

With a laundry list of potential suitors currently standing at more than 20 scholarships, Mama received another three offers from powerhouse programs in the last week alone.

Alabama was one of the schools: “When I think about playing for the top team in the nation and having a chance to win championships every year, that's a humbling thing,'' he said.

Notre Dame joined the Mama sweepstakes as well: “I've received letters from them, but the offer came out of the blue,'' he said. “Having a chance to play there, it's an honor.''

Oklahoma stepped up its efforts too: “I've been staying in contact them for a while now and talk with the coaches a lot, almost every week now. It's a great school,'' he said.

With regards to making a decision about a future destination, Mama said he doesn't plan on committing anytime soon. Keeping all of his options open appears to be the strategy.

Sean Ceglinsky has covered prep and college sports on the West Coast for the better part of the past 15-plus years.

Follow him on twitter: @SeanCeglinsky

Click here to read more on NFTC 2013

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Prime Time Polynesian presents "Lineman" Football Camp 
Salt Lake City, UT 

Sunday Lineman Clinic 
at Upland H.S. 
Starting Feb. 24, 2013


2nd Saturday Clinic Held 
At Buena Park H.S. 
Beginning Feb 2

Buena Park High School welcomes Prime Time Polynesian.  Starting February 2, 2013 from 2 PM - 4 PM until June 1, 2013. Hope this additional location will cut the commute in half for those of you traveling from the Los Angeles area!   Unable to attend our AM sessions?  Get with us Saturday afternoons at the Buena Park High School location.  

Bring 1 pair of cleats, 1 pair of sneakers and plenty of water.  

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The Wait Is Over!  
PTP Presents 
2013 Lineman Training Clinics At Corona H.S.

Attention All OL-DL-LB-FB-TE, 

Prime time Polynesian will officially kick off lineman clinics January 26, 2013 every Saturday at our new location CORONA HIGH SCHOOL

Place: Corona High School 
            1150 W 10th St
            Corona, CA 92882
            (951) 736-3392

Time: 9 AM - 11 AM

Age:  12-17 years old

What to bring:

Parent/Guardian. A signature from parent/guardian is required for insurance waiver prior to student athlete  participating.

Plenty of water to drink.

1 pair sneakers 

1 pair cleats

Coach Pen Blogging About Nemesis Elite Process And Techniques

Blog with "Coach Pen" and learn why Nemesis Elite partnered up with Prime Time Polynesian. Questions about technique?  Coach Pen has answers regarding exercise and routines. Click the link below to advance to coach's blog page. 

We would ♥ to hear from you!!

Thanks parents for choosing PTP to nurture your son's passion to become a better football athlete on and off the field.   We would love to hear about your student athlete's journey.  We believe it is motivating and encouraging for student athletes to learn from their fellow student athlete's story as they struggle to over come their own.  

Click "Contact Us" to submit your comments. 

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Last Chance For Off Season Conditioning

Attention all Prime Time Polynesian student athletes and parents!!  Last chance to get tips on technique, coached up on skills, strength and conditioning training "PTP Style."   Join us Saturday 7/21/2012 11 AM – 1 PM at Centennial H.S. Football Stadium.  This is the last off season training clinic.   

Bring your sneakers, football appetite and desire.  Prepare to leave full of explosive energy, learn up to date skills and techniques specific to your position and take with you a competitive edge over your teammates as you begin the 2012 football season!!  

The front parking lot of Centennial High School is now open.  Park within.  

What Are Sports Critics Saying About PTP's Unique Lineman 
 Training Which Includes 
Dance-Off And Hugs?
June 25, 2012

FOOTBALL: Inland lineman skills camp goes “Prime Time”

Top lineman from all over Southern California flock to Prime Time Polynesian’s lineman camp for skills, competition and comraderie.


Published: June 25, 2012 7:15 p.m.

Most football practices don'€™t include dancing and hugs. Then again, Prime Time Polynesian training isn'€™t like most football practices.

"€œWe just implement our Polynesian ways, to have fun and hard work," said Prime Time Polynesian co-founder Chris Talamaivao, who likes to wrap up each workout with a dance-off and plenty of hug time between the players and coaches.

Prime Time Polynesian football training targets the non-skill position players as a response to all the seven-on-seven summer passing leagues.

"What I like to call the forgottens,"€ Talamaivao said. "€œThere'€™s seven-on-seven camps almost year round. There's really nothing out here in the Inland Empire for the big guys."€

Chris Talamaivao, along with his brother Pen and three other coaches, created Prime Time Polynesian just four months ago from humble beginnings.

"Actually started at a park with like four kids, and it'€™s turned out to what it is now,"€ said Talamaivao.

Now 60 to 70 players attend each Prime Time Polynesian camp, rotating locations between Centennial High in Corona and El Toro High in Lake Forest.

The players come from all parts of Southern California, including San Diego, Orange, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, and Riverside counties. The players, predominantly linemen who are also some of the top recruits in Southern California, gather for the intense training and specialized techniques.

"It works on hand control, speed, agility, all in one package," said Centennial lineman Anthony Juarez.

"€œAmazing, amazing,"€ said Eastvale Roosevelt lineman Tyran Shaw. "Intense workouts and fast-paced."€

While many high school students are busy spending their summer at the beach or the movies, the players at Prime Time Polynesian are staying busy by getting better.

"It shows who'€™s really trying to do something with their life," said Moreno Valley Rancho Verde lineman Poasi Moala.

For these players, a Polynesian approach to playing pigskin has improved their game on the gridiron. Who says dancing and hugs don'€™t belong in football?

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PTP Opening New Clinic In The OC At El Toro H.S. ~Next Week

Why is PTP adding a new location? 

Coach Pen said, "The answer is simple, 'Demand.'  PTP clinic will open its first Orange County location at El Toro High School."

Why the sudden move to expand? 

Coach Pen had to say, "We have to! We started with 15 kids when we first opened operations at Corona Centennial. Then the next week the numbers increased  with 23 kids. It was like wild fire.  The word was out. Soon 23 kids turned into 33. Now we average 55-60 kids every weekend, with only two months of operation. That is an increase of about 90 percent".  We offer what most clinics can't provide.  We are the only clinic that specialize to the 'forgottens' , OL, DL, TE, FB and LB, at economical prices.  Who could resist us?  I'm not boasting, but these are the facts when your dealing with PTP."

What is so special about PTP clinics/camps?

Coach Pen said, " Man...its the family connection. We pride ourselves as life teachers to our clients. We truly have a connection to these kids through the game of football, which we all love. True, our training is unique and the level of intensity is beyond the norm. But, PTP is about the Polynesian style of family and love. There are so many components, in our clinics that can easily be highlighted through the training, intensity, attitude, and exercises...and most of  all the sense of love. We have all walks of life here training towards a common goal, but its amazing that they can walk away with the experience of 'Polynesian Love'.  To me this is the true highlight of our clinics/camps. 'Mana' the source of unconditional love that we {humans} are all connected."

- Coach Pen, is a University of Utah graduate and founder of the Nemesis Elite II Training program which is used by PTP clinics/camps

How did PTP and Nemesis Elite Training connect?

Coach Pen said, "Coach Chris and Coach Keola approached me and asked to link up and start a program that would benefit our kids.  I agreed and we formulated a program using my Nemesis Elite system with PTP clinics. Prior to all this, Coach Chris was already training kids with Master Coach Ika at local parks. So it was a perfect fit. We came together because we have a vision of what we wanted to achieve and how we wanted our kids to improve beyond the football arena." 

With the expansion of PTP to the Orange County, how do you feel they will receive PTP clinics?

Coach Pen said, "I think with a little bit of hesitation, but in time, they will love us, and be a part of our Prime Time Polynesian Family. I think, as long as Coach Ika and I dance, they will love it. All kidding aside, I feel confident that they will buy into our program, and know that we are the real deal."

Using Polynesian Values To Train Young Athletes Both On And Off The Field
May 31, 2012

Prime Time Polynesian: American Sports Meet Polynesian Culture

Written by Alan Popadines

Written on Thursday, 31 May 2012  

(Youth1) - In southern California, there’s a new type of training camp; one that does more than just practice drills, techniques, and physical training. It’s a camp that teaches Polynesian culture and values by using them to train young athletes who might never have otherwise had a chance to go to camp. What started as the simple idea of making a camp that created better players as well as better people is growing by leaps and bounds, taking southern California by storm.

Like many great things, it all started with a dream. Before the camp, Co-Founder Pene Talamaivao was working on a new way to train football players while working at the University of Utah. It was there that he developed his Nemesis Elite Program, which was a fast paced and intense workout that was based on football but applicable to other sports. From there he moved to southern California, where he and his brother began coaching children for free to lay the foundation for their program. Together they saw football as something that can bring people together and teach them lessons, whether they win or lose. As Polynesian men, they also wanted to bring their values of family, love, passion, respect, and honor, qualities that they felt were being disregarded in the modern sports culture. Lastly, they wanted to make it affordable.

They scouted other camps in the southern California area and quickly realized that the type of physical training would have to be different as well. Most camps at the time were all about speed, which left the bigger players on the sidelines sitting out while the skilled players trained. This clashed with Talamaivao’s ideals, so the camp has always worked to be more inclusive than others. Players of all skill levels, sizes, and sports are welcome, and with a price of only 20 dollars, it is open to athletes who may never have a shot at more expensive camps.

With these guiding ideas, the camp quickly became successful. What was once a group of 15 participants has now grown to 75 students from 32 schools. They also have a second camp in Lake County. The effects are clearly positive; one of their participants has already had 45 offers from colleges, and another went on to be the MVP at a Nike Training camp.

As for the future, Prime Time Polynesian has no shortage of plans. Currently, only athletes age 12 and above are allowed, but Pene wants to change this. He believes that mixing ages is beneficial, since older athletes can learn by taking a younger one under their wing, and younger players can get a positive and older role model. He also believes that the camp could help to instill proper technique at a young age, which can help them reach their full potential. After reaching out to younger players, Prime Time Polynesian wants to extend the camp to girls. A specialized program has already been developed, but they are still looking for an indoor facility for the right price. If that wasn’t enough, they are also planning a luau on June 2nd to show their appreciation to the participants. Pene also wants to start doing community service with them so that the camp will give back to the community at large as well.

However, Prime Time Polynesian is not without its detractors. Some of their competitors claim that they’re hurting the game by charging so little. Others have said they’re crazy because of the way they run things. This doesn’t bother Pene.

“What’s wrong with being crazy?” he asked.

As his program continues to improve and inspire young athletes, it’s hard to disagree.

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PTP's Cameron Hunt Awarded Oakland's 2012 NFTC OT MVP
Headed To "2012 The Opening"
May 20, 2012

Best of Oakland NFTC

Cameron Hunt, OT, Corona (Calif.) Centennial – Following the camp, the offensive line coach referred to Sunday as the best offensive line performance he’s seen since coaching these camps. That success was spearheaded by Cameron Hunt, the offensive line MVP, a new invitee to The Opening and the most dominant force in one-on-ones.

Hunt isn’t a towering presence. He stands at around 6-4 and he weighs enough but the bottom line is that he just doesn’t let anyone get by him. His feet are great, and he uses his hands very effectively in steering defensive linemen and keeping them off of his body. On the next level Hunt probably projects to either guard or tackle and his stock looks to be on the rise.

Currently Boise State, Colorado and Arizona State are on the top of Hunt’s list but he is also hearing from USC, UCLA and Stanford and an offer from any of those three could shake things up.

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PTP's Jojo Mathis and Viane Talamaivao Awarded MVP At The NFTC Los Angeles 2012
April 3, 2012

Some surprises dot MVP awards

By Erik McKinney |

Updated: April 3, 2012, 11:43 AM ET

While Hawkins, Mathis and Mitchell doubled up and took home The Opening invites as well as position MVP awards, there were a few surprises as well.

Along the offensive line, the nod went to class of 2014's Viane Talamaivao (Corona, Calif./Centennial), who couldn't hide his shock.

"To be honest with you, I was surprised I was even invited to this camp," Talamaivao said. "It was a big honor to be invited, so I just came in with a mindset to work and get better. Just go out and compete."

Talamaivao said he enjoyed getting the chance to go up against Mathis, his good friend, as well as other standout defensive ends, such as Taco Charlton (Pickerington, Ohio/Pickerington Central). Preparing to head into his junior year, Talamaivoa said he has received early looks from Colorado and Arizona, but doesn't hold any offers yet.

To read original article click here

PTP's Samson Kafovalu 
2012 National Football Foundation Scholar Athlete Riverside County Chapter 
March 22, 2012

The NFF National Scholar-Athlete Awards, presented by Fidelity Investments, was established in 1959 as the first initiative in history to honor scholar-athletes with post-graduate scholarships for their combined athletic, academic and leadership abilities. In 2011, Fidelity Investments became the first official sponsor in the 54-year history of the prestigious program, which has awarded more than $10.4 million to 787 individuals since its inception. The program currently provides $300,000 each year in post-graduate scholarships to the nation’s top scholar-athletes from all levels of collegiate play.

Nominated by their schools, which are limited to one nominee each, candidates must be a senior or graduate student in their final year of eligibility, have a grade point average of at least 3.2 on a 4.0 scale, have outstanding football ability as a first team player and have demonstrated strong leadership and citizenship.

The class is selected each year by the NFF Awards Committee, which is comprised of a nationally recognized group of media, College Football Hall of Fame inductees and athletics administrators. The committee traditionally selects 15 to 17 scholar-athletes from across the country for these prestigious $18,000 fellowships, and they consider candidates from all levels of college football, including the Division I Bowl Subdivision, Division I Championship Subdivision, Division II, Division III and the NAIA, in making their selections.

The committee also designates one of the recipients as the top college football Scholar-Athlete of the Year, an honor that comes with the William V. Campbell Trophy, endowed by HealthSouth and hosted by the NYAC. Symbolizing the essence of the NFF's mission to build leaders through football, the Campbell Trophy comes with an additional $7,000 in scholarship money for a total of $25,000.

Each recipient travels to New York City as the guest of the foundation for the NFF Annual Awards Dinner at the Waldorf Astoria, where they sit on the dais and have their accomplishments highlighted in front of one of the most powerful and influential audiences in all of sports. The event also includes the induction of the College Football Hall of Fame Class and the presentation of several major awards, including the organization’s highest honor, the Gold Medal, which has been claimed by seven U.S. Presidents.  

Notable past NFF National Scholar-Athlete Award recipients include former NFL standout Derrick Brooks(Florida State); actor Mark Harmon (UCLA); NASA astronaut Leland Melvin (Richmond); former Dateline NBC anchor Stone Phillips (Yale); chairman of Augusta National Golf Club, home of the Masters Tournament, Billy Payne (Georgia); record-setting NFL quarterback Peyton Manning (Tennessee); famed NFL quarterback Steve Young (BYU); and Heisman Trophy winners Terry Baker (Oregon State), Gary Beban (UCLA), Doug Flutie (Boston College) and Tim Tebow (Florida).

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